Lions Benches

Knowle High Street

Bentley Heath Park

Dorridge Station

Dorridge Station

Bentley Heath

Installing a bench with our name on it is a way of letting residents know that our Lions club is here and is actively helping people. We are always active in the community, from hosting tea parties to organising the annual fun run.

Our park benches add a lot to the community—and is an invitation for people to join us so that, together, we can help even more neighbours in need.

A bench is a welcome addition to any setting, whether it’s a bustling city or serene suburb. Benches bring people together. Which is exactly what Lions clubs do the world around, every day. What could be a more lasting legacy than that?

Our Club has funded friendship benches at Knowle, Bentley Heath & Dorridge.

Wherever the location allows our benches face each other so that the public can sit, meet new friends and chat to folk they already know.

It is not a coincidence that our benches are only yards away from a Coffee shop.

If you don’t know where they are go to to find the unique 3-word address – one is available for each 3 square metre space on the planet.

Here are the 3 word address for our benches.

Knowle juices.slope.twins

Bentley Heath afford.tune.number

Dorridge direct.originals.supporter