Easter Egg Hunt

Hunt The Chocolate Eggs: Knowle and Dorridge Trails

Join our hunts at any point; it can be tackled in either direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise). Egg posters can be found in windows, in gardens, on street furniture or trees. No need to start where the notes start, you can begin and end your circuit wherever you wish. Each Egg has a chocolate name written on it. Can you find all 20? 

Safety First: Our hunts take place on the pavements and pathways of public roads and will not have any  safety marshals. There are no additional warning signs for drivers along the routes. 

Our hunts do not have route arrows and are not waymarked. Please follow the Highway Code and take extreme care at all times. 

Please exercise great caution and supervise young children, especially when crossing a road. All hunt participants do so entirely at their own risk. 

Email your answers to kanddlions@gmail.com by the 10th April to be entered into our Prize Draw. Please ensure you include your name, telephone number and Knowle/Dorridge Route.

MAPS, Instructions and Directions can be downloaded below.

Knowle Hunt Trail Map - click image to download

Dorridge Hunt Trail Map - Click image to download

Knowle Hunt Instructions - click image to download

Dorridge Hunt Instructions - Click image to download