Knowle Fun Run 2023

Now is the time to start preparing for the Fun Run

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Fun Run Details

  • Two distances.

    • The 10k run consists of 2 laps,

    • 5k of 1 lap

  • All runners must decide if they are entering the 5k or 10k run when they enter

  • 2 starts

    • All 10k runners – 12.00pm

    • All 5k runners – 12.05pm

  • If you wish to run with someone entering the 5k run you may start in the second start with them

  • Timing ‘chips carrying your personal details and are not transferable, will be found on the back of your running number

  • Attach numbers to the front of T-shirts

  • Your time is recorded as you pass over the start and finish mats

  • There are also mats after 1 lap

  • 5k runners must record times on the start & finish mats to be given a time

  • 10k runners must complete 2 laps and cross 3 mats recording 3 times if not then you will not receive a timing and be deemed not to have finished.

  • Times will be electronically recorded & merged for two sets of results

  • Please bring a bag for your clothes, which remain your responsibility

  • After run receive certificate of achievement

Individuals Competitions

  • There will be separate individual competitions – male and female for both 5k & 10k runs

  • Junior – up to 14 years of age on the date of the run, male and female

  • Adults – over 14 years of age on the date of the run, male and female

  • Class is automatically determined by the D.O.B. entered

  • The winners are the 5k & 10k entrants who are recorded as completing those distances

  • Full results posted on this website just as soon as possible after the event

  • There are 2 starts:

    • At 12:00 noon for the elite and faster runners who will be allocated RED running numbers and

    • At 12:05 for Junior, Fun and slower runners who will be allocated BLUE running numbers

  • You can move back to the second wave but not forward the first wave. You do not need to inform us if you decide to move back to the second wave.

Team Competitions

  • There will be 3 team competitions = Junior 5k, Any age 5k or Any age 10k

  • All team runners must enter either the 5k or 10k team competition

  • 4 runners per team, enter as many teams as you like

  • All team entrants automatically entered for individual competitions

  • Give your team a name

  • More than 4 runners = more than one team? Want to use the same name? Give them a suffix e.g. Fun runners A, Fun runners B etc.

  • All runners must complete1(5k) or 2(10k) laps

  • 3 winning teams:

    • 5k Junior team competition–up to 14 years of age on date of run

    • 5k Any age team competition

    • 10k Any age team competition

  • Aggregate fastest timed (not highest placed) all 4 runners to count

  • Full results posted on this website just as soon as possible, after the event


As recent years the finish line for the 400 metre KIDSruns will be close to the big start arch, enabling parents to re-join their children easily.

Once again we shall have separate runs for pupils in each of school years 1, 2, 3 and 4. YEARS AS PER MAY 2022.

We ask you to enter your child’s details online and indicate your approval for them to take part Year 2, 3 and 4 runners must choose when entering if they wish to compete in their KIDSrun, or the 5k Fun Run. If choosing the 5k you will pay the Junior rate. Adults must accompany Year 2, 3 and 4 5k runners all the way around the course.

  • Registration closes TBC or 100 entries in any category whichever comes first

  • The Lions will take reasonable precautions but cannot be held responsible for the safety of every child

  • There are no refunds and no transfers

  • There is no entry on the day

  • You must register your child in advance preferably on-line whilst you are entering yourself, or separately

  • Receive free T-shirt, when picking up running number from 09.15

  • 4 runs from 11:00. Year 4 first away then Year 3 and Year 2 and finally Year 1

  • Line up under the arch on opposite side of the field to the Start/finish gantry

  • Parents wishing to run with children line up behind the rest

  • Run anti-clockwise to the finish line – c. 400 metres

  • Everyone cannot come first but after the run all KIDSrunners receive certificate of achievement and a chocolate bar

  • Prizes for the winning boy & girl in each run

  • Prize giving will take place after the KIDSruns around 11.15

  • Entering the event requires personal details. The Lions will not pass this information on to anyone else

  • We shall use the email address you give to contact you with important information about the event. Please ensure it remains able to receive our emails

  • Photos and video may be taken by K&D Lions or our agents and displayed on this website or elsewhere

  • If your child is a winner photos may be taken and names may be published


  • All costs of staging the event are covered by sponsors & programme advertisers

  • That means every penny of entry fee, sponsorship you collect or donate goes to the charities

  • There are no refunds and no transfers

Entry fees

  • KIDSrun £5

  • Fun Run

  • Under 14 £7

  • 14 & over £15

T-shirts KIDSrunners free.

Safety and Parking

  • The Lions have £10million public liability insurance, not that we want to make a claim

  • Each year we review the risk analysis & consult with the Police & Council

  • We shall close roads and operate a diversion route around the village for the duration of the run from 11.45am until around 2pm. This will provide a safe environment for the runners & spectators alike. We shall seek to minimise inconvenience to residents.


  • Bring a pen to complete the emergency contact details on the reverse of your running number and advise the medical services of any MEDICAL CONDITION before you run

  • Water stations are located around the course, but carry your own water as well

  • Help avoid congestion around the school

  • Leave home in sufficient time

  • Do not bring your car to the school

  • Walk, cycle, or jog and warm up, or at least use car parks in Knowle or Dorridge

  • Runners & spectators must take responsibility for their own safety, and of their children, and possessions.

  • Data Protection & Photographs

  • Entering the event requires your personal details. The Lions will not pass this information on to anyone else

  • We shall use the email address you give to contact you with important information about the Fun Run. Please ensure it remains able to receive our emails

  • Your photo may be taken by K&D Lions or our agents and displayed on this website or elsewhere

  • Parents should be aware that entering their child in our event may result in images appearing in newspapers or websites

  • If you or your children are a winner photos may be taken and names may be published.

On the Day

  • If you park a car on or within the course you will not be able to move it after you finish the Run, until the last runner has also finished and the roads are re-opened

  • Please bring a bag for your clothes. Bags will be left at your risk.

  • Toilets at the school are not designed for all 2000 runners to use simultaneously just before the Run

  • Bring a pen and complete your emergency contact details on the reverse of your running number, where you will also find your chip attached. Parents should ensure their contact details are on Junior runners numbers

  • You must attach numbers to the front of T-shirts otherwise you may not get your time recorded

  • Timing ‘chips carry your personal details and are not transferable

  • Most important remember it is a Fun Run, enjoy it!

Sponsors & advertisers

The Lions and all our helpers give our time freely, but the costs of organising the Fun Run increase every year. Our aim is that sponsorship, in kind or otherwise, and programme advertising, will cover all the costs of staging the Fun Run, enabling us to assure runners that every pound of entry fee and sponsorship they raise will go to the nominated charities

Fun Run programme

Around Easter each year we deliver 7,000 copies of the Fun Run programme free of charge to homes throughout Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath. Advertising rates start from as little as £70. Copy is required by end of February.


We thank our sponsors for so generously supporting our community event. It's never too late. There are always further sponsorship opportunities available from as little as £100, or in kind, allowing your company to gain a high profile being seen to be associated with one of Solihull’s most successful charity fundraising events.


Every year we need over 80 volunteers to help marshal the traffic and runners - can you help us? All we ask is that you come along to the briefing one evening and commit now to give up a couple of hours on Fun Run day. Please get in touch and let us know. If you are running your friends or family may like to get involved. How about getting involved in organising the Fun Run? It can be really rewarding when it all goes well. Please get in touch and let us know.

Run for charity

This year we have decided not to have partner charities and to raise funds for much needed causes which have suffered during the pandemic.

If you know of a worthy cause, please get in touch. Got your own favourite cause? We encourage all runners to raise money for our charity partners, however, if you prefer you may raise sponsorship for charities other than those It is important you:

  • Use the Knowle Fun Run sponsorship form, suitably amended

  • Pay your sponsorship into the Lions Charity account

  • Send us your paying in slip and sponsorship form together with contact details for the charity

  • And we will do the rest – claim Gift Aid on your behalf and forward the total raised giving your details to the charity

  • You may be assured that every pound will be forwarded to the charity you nominate, with nothing retained for local causes

  • Charity Fundraisers

We welcome participants raising funds for your charity. Charity fundraisers please feel free to promote our events to your supporters. Please let us know if you do, so we can work together to maximise your take.


Get Fit to Run

Here are several ways you may like to improve your ability ahead of this year's Fun Run 9 week Couch to 5k programme Download an app from the BBC 5 week Couch to 5k programme If you have not run more than 2 miles or 20 minutes before, and want to do your own thing - why not follow this 5 week programme. But first make sure you are wearing the correct footwear and clothing, even for training Always enjoy your runs. Try and find parkland or canal paths, or follow the Fun Run course, if possible.

Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning speed play. This involves running, walking & jogging various speeds for short distances i.e. an interval training session Jog is running at a slow comfortable pace Easy Run is at a pace slightly faster than a Jog Steady Run is running at a pace where you work hard and push yourself a little so that you get slightly out of breath and thus breath harder.

Familiarise yourself with the course See how you get on up the Longdon Road hill!

Some more detailed advice here (TBC) on how to get fit to run our Fun Run.

Just started running? parkrun is a family friendly, FREE (not for profit), weekly, timed 5km run/walk/jog open to all ages and abilities. Our events take place every Saturday at 9 a.m. in Brueton Park, Solihull, and 21 other locations within parkrun's West Midlands region. Parkrun is a great way to get into running and is ideal Knowle Fun Run preparation for both the novice and seasoned athlete. Taking part is easy – just register in advance at parkrun before your first ever parkrun.Then just set your alarm for Saturday morning and get yourself there! With 22 parkruns in their West Midlands region alone, there is bound to be one near you.

Kids Run Free is a charity that organise free, fun regular events in parks around the UK. These events are open to all children under 16 and are tailored to suit each age group. So, whether your child is a budding Olympic athlete or is just finding their running legs, there’s something to suit. Bentley Heath Park, Widney Road, Solihull, B93 9BH; Olton Jubilee Park; and Kings Heath Park. 9.00am – arrive 8.45am for warm-ups. The charity also organises Marathon Kids, an exciting programme that gives primary school children the opportunity to run or walk the distance of up to four marathons throughout the school year. The programme emphasises personal achievement. It aims to inspire and empower children of all fitness levels to set and achieve goals. Running is free, full of health benefits, and requires little to no equipment. And running a marathon is recognised by all as a huge achievement.

Or why not try the internet to find yourself a local Jogging Buddy ? 'Solihull Active' More Active, More Often - For all the information on sport and physical opportunities available to you in Solihull, visit

Course and road closures

This year the route will remain unchanged from last Fun Run in 2019.

There will be 2 water stations but please remember to bring a bottle to carry yourself.


The Knowle Fun Run has been running for over 35 years with an exemplary safety record. Let’s keep it that way.

The Police and Solihull Council require that runners and traffic should not share the roads at the same time during the Fun Run Between 11:45 am and 2:00 pm all traffic entering Knowle, from all directions, will be subject to a diversion Movement of vehicles in, out or within the Fun Run zone will be prohibited During this time you should make preparatory or alternative arrangements as appropriate Click on the map to see which roads will be closed and the location and direction of the diversions. These have been kept to an absolute minimum to limit disruption and inconvenience for residents. All have been agreed with the Police and Council During the period of road closures our local bus services will be using the designated diversions which are shown on the attached map. Full details are available on We recognise that residents, businesses and visitors alike may be inconvenienced during the run. We apologise in advance for this. We shall re-open the roads just as soon as it is safe to do so. If you foresee issues or difficulties arising for you from these arrangements contact us now and we will get back to you as soon as practical.