Support for the elderly 2014

Once again this year our support for the elderly had 3 main branches – a coach trip in September, a tea party in October and delivery of Christmas cards and mince pies in December.

We try to vary where we take 2 coaches each year. It seems many residents like the idea of visiting the seaside, so after two trips to Weston-super-mare, on Tuesday 9th September we travelled across the boarder into Wales and stopped in Llandudno, where over 100 pensioners explored the town and promenade, and returned safely that evening. Watch this page to discover the date and destination for 2015.

Like the coaches the afternoon tea party on Saturday 25th October at the Knowle British Legion filled up fast with 120 locals enjoying entertainment and afternoon tea. Many of those who attended availed themselves of the British Legion bar, whilst others were happy with a cup of tea.

As Christmas draws close we know that elderly living on their own often do not receive many visitors and so we try to knock as many doors as we can to have a chat and leave a special Christmas card and token pack of mince pies. We can only do this for those who can come to the door.

The year starts in August when we deliver invitations to some 550 elderly residents living in Knowle & Dorridge and surrounding villages. Unsurprisingly we find that some had moved away or passed on. In some cases their successors are young, some out at work. And so our list reduces in size each year unless someone sends us details of those who would appreciate our support. If you know of anyone please get in touch with their name, address and phone number.

We welcome sponsorship for any element of our support for the elderly

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