Second donation for special lad

Local lad Ary Rahman suffers from an  abnormal twisting and sideways curvature of the spine condition, known as scoliosis, spending much of his time in a wheelchair receiving treatments from spinal surgeons and wearing a spinal support suit, which he regularly outgrows and has to be replaced.



Last year we donated £500 towards the costs of specialist treatment unavailable in the UK. This Spring Ary was in need of a second 6 week visit to the Adeli Medical Centre in Slovakia again, and we were delighted to be able to help again.


Ary’s mother reported “Ary’s trip went really well. He’s sitti­ng a lot straighter and has visibly gaine­d a lot of strength in his core muscles.­ He’s even managed some independent step­s which is amazing but he’s using his up­per body to gain momentum so it isn’t gr­eat for his scoliosis. I think his next ­target is to try and use his legs more w­hen trying to take independent steps”