Lions Clubs & Round Table Working Together

Here is an excellent example of how Clubs can work together to achieve a wonderful result.

When Balsall Common Lions were contacted by local resident Paul Bates, seeking help to modify his garden for his son Harrison they had no idea it would result in Knowle & Dorridge Lions and Round Table clubs and Balsall Common Festival Committee also digging deep to ensure a superb job could be completed at once.

Harrison whose condition remains undiagnosed is now nearly 9 years old has several problems including severe neuro-gastric issues (resulting in him being reliant on tube feeding), hypertonia, (balance gait and tiredness) & dyspraxia (co-ordination and special awareness).

Back Row – Brian Hornsby (Balsall Common Lions), Adrian Harris (K&D Lions) Joy Fine ( Balsall Common Festival) Allan Bailey (K&D Round Table) Helen Bates (Mum) Paul Thornton (P R Thornton Builders) Front Row – Mark Menzies (K&D Round Table) Harrison, Paul Bates (Dad)
Back Row – Brian Hornsby (BC Lions), Adrian Harris (K&D Lions), Joy Fine (Balsall Common Festival), Allan Bailey (K&D Round Table), Helen Bates (Mum), Paul Thornton (P R Thornton Builders)
Front Row – Mark Menzies (K&D Round Table), Harrison, Paul Bates (Dad)

The garden was mostly a boggy uneven lawn which Harrison found difficult to walk on and impossible to use his wheelchair on when he needed to. The aim was to provide a smooth, flat, artificial all weather surface and paving to give Harrison “access to all areas”.

Balsall Common Lions were more than happy to take on the project but the anticipated costs looked prohibitive. Fortunately at about the same time Harrison had a day out with Knowle & Dorridge Round Table who also committed to the project and a partnership was formed.

Paul Thornton Builders were selected to carry out the work and in just a week Paul and his assistant, with a little help from Harrison, transformed the boggy mess into an all-weather play area.

With further funding from Knowle & Dorridge Lions and Balsall Common Festival Committee the whole of the work was carried out in one go, meaning the Harrison’s trampoline is now all-weather as well.
IMG_9328sHarrison says “It’s my mini MUGA, just like at school”. Mum Helen explains “that means Multi Use Games Area. I can’t keep him indoors he’s out kicking a ball or on his trampoline, which is wonderful for his strength and balance. His world has changed!”


“We don’t get many requests for this sort of help very often”, said Bob Thurtle President of Knowle & Dorridge Lions. “When we do we like to help out other clubs striving to pull sufficient funds together.”