For each of the charity events we organise, we ideally like people to raise sponsorship. We have a sponsorship form which can be downloaded from the website and found with the details for the event. Alternatively if you don’t wish to get sponsors, why not make a donation.

If you are not attending an event but have heard about the good works we do and wish to support our charities with a donation, click here to download a form to make a donation or use the link below to make an online donation.


Knowle and Dorridge Lions support the use of MyDonate as more of your fundraising will go to charity and less taken in fees by the online service.

Click on our Charities link in the menu to see who we raise funds for.

100 Club

Another way you could help us and also have a chance of winning something in return is to join our 100 Club.

For a subscription of £12 a year you will be entered in a draw for a chance to win £25 each month or £150 in the June and December draws.

Interested? Then email us


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