Jack’s YTB adventure in Guyana

This year we have chosen just one student to support – Jack Bailey. He impressed us so much we have agreed to award our maximum bursary of £1,750.

Please have a read of his application we think you will be equally impressed:

For more details of Jacks gap year visit Project trust

Good luck Jack. We look forward to reading and publishing your reports

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Apply now for your Youth Travel Bursary

Students are reminded that the deadline for applications for this year’s K&D Lions Youth Travel Bursary must be submitted by the end of March.

Over the years a number of excellent applicants have been successful in gaining grants sufficient to complete their fundraising required to fund their travels.

The Lions have increased the total amount available to £3,500. To stand a chance of gaining a bursary of upto £1,750 your trip must qualify. Be sure to read rules and complete the Application form. Do not leave it until the deadline has passed.

jenny hawkin1

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YTB Harriet goes to Shanghai

In July 2015 I flew out to Shanghai, China to volunteer as an English teacher in a primary school in the outskirts of Shanghai. The school I taught at was located in an area where hygiene and standards of living are very poor. The school was located in a shantytown-like community, which I later found out some of the students I taught were in residence there. Others have moved from all areas across China to be close to the city so parents could find work and enable their children to have a chance of an education, something that previously was only available to wealthy families.

The school relies heavily on sponsors and volunteers, without this help the school would have been shut down years ago. As it was the summer holidays for the children, not everyone was in. The school was open for summer camp so the parents could work. Upon arriving I found out I was the only teacher in the school, responsible for all students in the summer camp of different ages, from 5 to 10 years old with not a single one of the students speaking a word of English. I could immediately tell the school struggles with help, I was glad to give a hand. Fortunately I speak some basic Chinese, but teaching, communicating and giving simple instructions proved extremely difficult.

harriet 1

With the students never having been taught English before, I started teaching them the very basics such as greetings, verbs and adjectives by saying it together & writing it in Chinese first then English after. As lessons went by, the students became more and more confident, and picked up words fast which I was very pleased and proud about. I taught them everything from numbers to colours, transport and countries too. It soon got to the point where I had run out of words to teach them so I later taught them sentences such as asking for instructions to describing their family, favourite animals and even what the weather is like! I was so proud knowing that in the short time I was there the students learnt so much from my stay.


Not only did the students’ English improve, my knowledge of the Chinese language improved too with all the students speaking to me in Chinese as if I was fluent, I soon started to pick it up! Not only was I their teacher but also I soon became their friend for the times I played with them at break, to their nurse for the times they grazed their knees falling over as children do. I was a full time teacher at the school for one month, teaching Monday to Friday 9am-4pm. I had evenings and weekends to plan my lessons and also explore the beautiful country that is China. On my days off, I travelled to Beijing and walked The Great Wall, also visiting traditional Chinese water towns and exploring Shanghai, the city I was living in for that month; what an incredible place! Not forgetting the ten hour train journey for £14 return (!!!) to The Yellow Mountains and experiencing breath-taking views that I will never forget.

My time in China gave me a huge insight of the world around me, coming home as a different person for all of the right reasons. I experienced a completely different culture and it was an extraordinary experience at just eighteen years old that will stay with me for life…

If reading this has inspired you, or your family to travel and would like to approach the Lions for a Youth Travel Bursary please see the application form to check eligibility and note the annual closing date for applications of 31 March

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Youth Travel Bursary Award 2015

This year’s award has been made to Harriet May, a sixth form student at Arden Academy in Knowle.

hattie may

Harriet will be spending six weeks in China teaching children aged 6-15 years old to learn English. She will be based at a community outside Shanghai where whole families move from poor and underdeveloped backgrounds to be close to schools offering opportunities to better themselves. China was chosen as a country since Harriet has a GCSE in Chinese Mandarin and she thought that if some of the students have trouble communicating and asking questions in English then her Mandarin may be useful in helping the students build their confidence and progress with their studies. The children will benefit by being taught by a native English speaker and it is hoped they will learn much quicker and easier. Seeing them progress is one of the things that Harriet believes will give her a lot of satisfaction. As well as teaching English, Harriet is hoping to improve her Chinese conversational skills both in school and in the local community. She will also gain experience of living in a country that is increasingly becoming a dominant force in the world and the desire for learning English has never been greater. First hand knowledge of a totally different culture is very exciting for Harriet.

The project is arranged by Projects Abroad who arranges the local transfers, the accommodation, the placement with the school and all local facilities.

Harriet is proud that her grandfather is a Lion and has been for many years in Suffolk.

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YTB deadline approaching fast

Applicants are reminded that we have brought forward the annual deadline to 31 March. Don’t miss out. Complete your application form and send it in now.jennyhawkin1

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Youth Travel Bursary Fund 2015 Still Up For Grabs

Aged 16-24? Want to go on a life-changing adventure? Want money to do it? Then you need to read this…
Paul Taylor with Slindile 
Every year Knowle and Dorridge Lions Club gives two awards to 16-24 year olds, of up to £1,250 each, to be used for a unique, life-changing experience in the UK or abroad. The 2015 award is still up for grabs, interested?

Meet Paul Taylor, the first ever recipient of the Knowle and Dorridge Lions Club Youth Travel Bursary (YTB) in 2004. Paul ditched home comforts, sacrificed smartphone use and left-behind social media to embrace an epic adventure.

Paul used his £1,250 YTB award to film his debut documentary, ‘We Are Together’, in South Africa. His film followed the life of South African children orphaned by Aids and went on to raise £250,000 for the accommodation set-up to house them.

Paul’s ‘journey’ saw his film achieve acclaim and earned him widespread media coverage, all started by the Knowle and Dorridge Lions Club YTB. Since the award was first granted to Paul 10 years ago, every year since has seen two young people receive funding and embark on life-changing adventures that not only impact them, but potentially changes the lives of others. This could be you!!!

Now celebrating its 11th anniversary year, the 2015 YTB award is still available to two adventure-seeking, ambitious individuals, to travel in the UK or overseas to undertake a project containing an artistic, scientific, cultural or historical theme, or to partake in a project in an underdeveloped country. Is this you?

jennyhawkin1How do you get the bursary?
To be in with a chance of receiving a bursary from Knowle and Dorridge Lions Club you need to be able to demonstrate the benefits and objectives of your project. You will also need to explain why the bursary is needed and how other costs (not covered by the bursary) will be met.

When is the deadline?
The application deadline for this year’s bursary award is March 31st.

If you need further information about the bursary contact Sue Owen.

To apply, click here to download an application form.

Need a project idea?        
Here’s a selection of inspirational project ideas that captured the imagination of the Knowle and Dorridge Lions Club decision makers:

  • Clean water project – Northern Thailand.
  • Working with orphans – Tanzania.
  • Teaching students – Kathmandu.
  • Community projects – Malaysia.
  • Hospital voluntary work – Malawi.

Click here to view previous winners and their projects

Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity, present your project idea today…  


Thanks to Daniel Waldron of Writehouse who wrote this article for Knowle & Dorridge Lions


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2014 Youth Travel Bursary Awards

Jonathan in Mekelle

Jonathan in Mekelle

Jonathan Cunliffe

Jonathan, a medical student up in Sheffield, travelled to Mekelle in Northern Ethiopia for 5 weeks this summer to work in maternal health.

His time involved a number of different activities: peer-teaching with local medical students; working with the Regional Health Bureau to document a fall in maternal deathsand conducting a self designed research project into admissions to the labour ward. Combine this with a welcoming bought of Typhoid, an 8 day lack of running water and some mountainous hikes to ancient monasteries and you create a fun, fascinating and formative month


Beth in Karnataka

Beth in Karnataka

Beth Jewell

Beth, an undergraduate student at the University of Bristol studying History,  took part in ICS with Raleigh International. Her project involved working in a village called Handi Gudda in Karnataka for 10 weeks.  It was a WASH programme so focusing on health and sanitation, aiming to deliver health awareness and to change sanitation behaviors within the village. The project also provided sanitation facilities such as toilets and water tanks for the village.

Tom Beavis

Tom, currently studying at the WMG academy in Coventry is studying A level Maths, Physics and Product Design as well as a Principle Engineering course. He went to the Sabah region of Borneo for a month in July 2014, the aim was to improve the lives of the local communities they stayed near by helping them improve their local area and teaching in a couple of schools and also to give themselves valuable experiences and lessons.



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