Knowle’s Red Information Box

The Knowle Society has recently taken the red telephone box in Knowle High Street into its care and paid to have it refurbished as an iconic feature in the middle of the Village.

So next time you are passing and wondering what use it is being put to, please stop to read our latest membership, Message in a Bottle & Great Spec Collect notices. Perhaps they will inspire you to come and help our endeavors



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Bulk Delivery

There is no age restriction for participating in our MiaB scheme which is supported by our local Paramedic and Ambulance service. Free bottles are available in both Knowle and Dorridge Village Halls. Why not pick yours up today – it could save your life.

After hearing about our Message in a Bottle (MiaB) scheme Lindsay Shepherd, Scheme Manager at Banning Court in Dorridge requested and received 40 bottles for their older residents.


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The Message is spreading

What is ‘Message in a Bottle’?

Message in a BottleAbbreviated to MIAB, it is a simple piece of paper asking pertinent questions that contains vital information about you, directed at the Emergency Services. This allows them to make quick and accurate decisions on what action to take at the point of contact, which could save your life in an emergency at home. A white plastic bottle containing a form containing vital information about you that could save your life due to the speed with which the Emergency Services could respond to your individual needs.

The bottle is placed where the Emergency Services are trained to look, in the refrigerator door. A green cross sticker is placed on the inside of the main house door, or where it is considered would be most obvious and another sticker on the door of the fridge.

The information provided should include where you keep your medication and latest prescription, contact details, major medical conditions, personal doctor and anything considered necessary that would need attention in those first critical moments.

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