Our Lions year was not a great success due to the Corona Virus Pandemic that resulted in the cancellation of the Easter Egg Raffles and our main fund raising event, the Knowle Fun Run.  Despite that we had enough funds to meet requests for help and some of these are shown below.  Our two Partner Charites for 2019/20 received much smaller sums due to the cancellation of the Knowle Fun Run but we were still able to handover £1,610 to each of the Solihull Hospital Charity and CLIC Sargent.

Lions Clubs International and other Lions causes:        £2,030

Knowle Village Hall:                                                              £5,850

Coach trip and tea party for elderly:                                   £2,183

Solihull Hospital Charity – Covid-19 support:                   £1,750

Other local causes:                                                                  £6,315

GRAND TOTAL:                                                                    £18,128

More detail can be found in our annual accounts that can be found on the Charity Commissioners website later this year (our accounts for the period to 30 June are being examined so not yet available).